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PostSubject: HONOR POINTS   July 8th 2009, 10:27


You can consider honour points as a counter, kinda like normal levels, the higher it is the better, as you get Honour Ranks too. Why would anyone need them? Well YOU will need them if you ever want to buy potions in 20, 30 or 50 because the basic ones(10) isn't going to be good enough later on in the game. Honour points decrease after a certain point in crafting.

Honor Points

Honor Points can be earned throughout the game in quests, killing monsters in the war channel, etc.


Most of the quests give honor points as a reward when you complete them. When you complete a dungeon you also get honor points. The amount of honor earned depends on the quest or dungeon.

War Server/Map

Killing monsters or players on the War server give you also honour points. The amount of honour earned depends on a few things.

When you are not yet in a nation (Capella or Procyon) you earn by default 1 honour per killed mob.
When you are in a nation, the earned amount of honour depends on the number of players on the opposite nation that are on the channel or map. When there are more enemy nation players active, you will gain more honour per killed mob.

When you kill a player of the opposing nation on the war server/map you will gain 60 honour points extra for the kill. Enemy nation players are displayed red on war maps and have a name that is scrambled.
When you kill a player without a nation (orange name), you will gain the same amount of honour as you get for killing a normal mob.

Mission War

The easiest way to get honor points is by exchanging WExp acquired from Mission War.

Glory Potions

Glory potions are potions that give you honour when you use them. This is a very fast way to get honour, but the potions are very rare. They seem to drop only in Forgotten Temple (B1F), but can be crafted as well.

Plate of Honor

Plates of Honor are quest items that allow you to accept quests from the Officer in Port Lux. This quest will give you the opportunity to earn a large amount of additional honour.

Honor Class

Once you gain a certain amount of honor, you gain a honour class. The higher the class, the more advantages you will get in the game. You can use better jewelery or buy certain items at NPC you couldn't do before.

Rank Honor points WExp ex. Title points to next rank Capella Procyon Nationless
Class 1 10,000 10,000 1 - - -
Class 2 20,000 16,000 1.3 - - -
Class 3 40,000 20,000 2 - - -
Class 4 80,000 32,000 2.5 - - -
Class 5 160,000 40,000 4 - - -
Class 6 320,000 48,000 6.7 - - -
Class 7 640,000 76,800 8.3 - - -
Class 8 1,280,000 102,400 12.5 - - -
Class 9 2,560,000 115,200 22 - - -
Class 10 5,120,000 123,000 40 - - -
Class 11 10,000,000 130,000 77 Praetor Knight Vagabond
Class 12 20,000,000 160,000 188 Praetor of Silence Knight of Dawn Disciple
Class 13 50,000,000 250,000 120 Praetor of Insight Knight of Fighting Spirit Ascetic
Class 14 80,000,000 280,000 250 Praetor of Tolerance Knight of Passion -
Class 15 150,000,000 375,000 400 Praetor of Glory Knight of Protection -
Class 16 300,000,000 600,000 334 Praetor of Faith Knight of Valor -
Class 17 500,000,000 750,000 667 Praetor of Will Knight of Devotion -
Class 18 1,000,000,000 1,000,000 500 Praetor of Truth Knight of Judgment -
Class 19 1,500,000,000 1,200,000 417 Praetor of Brilliance Knight of Tempest -
Class 20 2,000,000,000 - - The Quaestor The Sovereign -

In order to reach Class 20, you must complete 3000 WExp exchanges. This is about 4000 Mission Wars, or about 3 years of playing 4 mission wars a day. Good Luck Razz

source: "http://www.cabalwiki.com/wiki/Honor"

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PostSubject: Re: HONOR POINTS   August 1st 2009, 02:57

lol 3 years make it sound so easy
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